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Farhan Aqil
CA, ACCA, CIA, M.Com, Bsc (Hons.)
Partner at Push Digits

“Without healthy accounting procedures in your company, you are at risk of making uninformed choices. This could be a possible threat to all investors in your company. With accurate, up-to-date data comes precision and clarity; then, real vision is achievable. You can confidently move ahead safe in the knowledge that the decisions you make are based on a sound basis of accuracy. 

Push Digits guarantees the professional accounting services we provide will give you the accuracy you need to make informed decisions for the future success of your business.” 

Your business knowledge is best; however, unless it is a small company, you cannot oversee every facet that needs attention. Entrepreneurs are the power behind their business. But most would agree their time is more productive when working at growing their business, rather than dealing with accountancy and bookkeeping work. These tasks should be handled by an expert, which is where Push Digits comes in.

Every Business Needs an Accountant

Every business, irrespective of size, needs someone with the expertise to actively look after the financial areas of your operation and manage them. Many companies employ one or more bookkeepers or even an in-house accountant with all the costs attached to these roles adding to the overhead and draining cash. Other businesses commission local accountancy firms; however, they may not always be available when you need them. You will often have to go to them for meetings, which is an inefficient and costly use of your valuable time.

There is a better, easier way and save cash, too – Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping services and Virtual Accounting Services offered by Push Digits.

Push Digits is the future of professional accountancy services, and it’s here today, in the Cloud, which makes it as easy to work with us as having us in the office right next door.

Isn’t that a great thought?

Sales Tax – VAT

In India, the regulations require all companies to maintain books and records with complete accuracy to comply with government and state regulations. It is essential to maintain accurate records and submit your tax returns on time. Push Digit’s accounting team is knowledgeable and fully experienced with VAT compliant accounting and bookkeeping systems. We are here to help your business.

First-class Expertise Supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Our on-site accounting as well as virtual professional accounting services are supported by the latest AI technology, which flags up errors to a skilled operator. This exciting technology is a fantastic advance which identifies human error quickly. It eliminates expensive wasted time and delays in the delivery of vital reports.

AI is the future of handling mundane, repetitive tasks and is in use at Push Digits today. It consistently delivers a fast, accurate service using the latest technology delivering benefits to you.

Time is Cash

It’s an old cliché, but business moves rapidly today, and decisions need to keep up. Making the correct decisions relies on having accurate data in your hands fast. Push Digit’s large team of professional accountancy specialists, supported by our Partners and Senior Partners, are all committed to delivering the best accounting services available in the world – every single time.

Saving a lot of cash (as much as 80%) on a vital core function like accountancy and bookkeeping is an exciting reality, and the bonus is your business gets more value for the lower costs you will pay. It’s a winning formula.

Cloud Accounting is the Future & It’s Here Now

Push Digits is not a new company. We have been professional, international accountants for more than two decades, focusing entirely on our clients. Your company’s success brings Push Digit’s success, so we commit to delivering distinction in everything we do for you.

Push Digits are Cloud-based, but our feet are here on earth with you. When you talk with us, you will immediately know how caring, supportive, and responsive we are. It will be an energizing experience; we guarantee it.

Business owners know their company must develop, not just to survive but expand and grab the opportunities around you. With Push Digit’s support, you will always be out in front of the competition every time.

Push Digits will always be on top of your books. You always know what’s going on, regardless of whether your business is local or international.

Save Money Cash

At Push Digits, we have a large, diverse team of professionals and experts waiting to do whatever you want us to handle. There are no full-time wage costs or additional expenses associated with a full-time employee so that you can save up to 80% of your regular costs. It’s all included in one of the many options we offer, or we can create a tailor-made option to suit your specific requirements.

Accounting Options:

Option #1 – Onsite Accounting Package

If you prefer to have all your work undertaken on your premises, our accountant will come to your office and complete the work there.

Option #2 – Remote Accounting Package

You can send us your documents by e-mail, courier, or mail, and us your records, and our head office team of accountants will complete the work. Electronic collection is by far the easiest, fastest, and most economical method of volume document handling.

Option #3 – Customized Accounting Package

We can customize our professional services to suit your business. Please call us to find out what we can do to meet your specific needs.

Free Business Accounting Software

Push Digits will provide you with the latest business accounting software package called Xero, which connects you with your banks, accountants, bookkeepers, customers, suppliers, and all of your records.

It integrates with POS apps so you can easily handle your business from a mobile device from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Xero includes inventory management, CRM software, and job tracking if required. Xero will harvest e-mailed invoices from suppliers and enter them automatically, and to make sure nothing ever is lost, it generates automatic back-up copies too.

Xero comes packaged with a sophisticated document management application program called Hubdoc. It creates a unified, secure, paperwork trail, which means creating reports is fast and straightforward. Using Hubdoc, your digitized records are always safe and accessible to you whenever you need them.

Guaranteed – Safe & Secure

Your Hubdoc account is your Cloud Vault in your name and only accessible using your security passcodes. When Push Digits is working on your behalf, you can allow access to the necessary documents.

Hubdoc links with many banking institutions, making it safe and easy to transfer statements and records to your personal Cloud Vault. Your business documents, invoices, bills, and so on, reside in your secure Cloud Vault. There is no need to transmit any private documentation or data to Push Digits, which adds an extra layer of adding a further layer of safety.

If, in the future, you decide to end your working relationship with Push Digits, your documents are safe, secure, and totally within your control.

Hello? Are You There?

Yes! We are here 24/7/365 and always ready to take your questions or queries. Plus, we can chat with you face-to-face with our video-conferencing software, to which we include your access. It means we have the benefit of being able to share and discuss a document on-screen, to avoid any misunderstandings.

At Push Digits, we respond to calls 24 hours a day, or we will reply to your message within 30 minutes. Push Digits are always here when you need us – guaranteed.

No Matter Where You Operate Push Digits Is There

Your company may start locally with no thoughts of taking on the global market, but in today’s fast-moving business environment, things change. With Push Digits on your side, no matter which jurisdiction you operate in or wish to deal with, you can do it. Push Digits conforms to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which means we can do business anywhere in the world and support you to do the same.

Push Digit’s Combined Business Services

Push Digits can customize any of our services to deliver solutions that work seamlessly for your business.

  • Virtual and On-Site Bookkeeping & Accounting allows every business, large or small, to take advantage of the savings of up to 80% of your accountancy costs by not employing accounting staff. You can save by using Push Digits services.
  • A CFO may be beneficial to your company, but perhaps you believe the cost is unaffordable. That is no longer the case. Push Digits can offer you a virtual CFO to work with you and advise you on advancing your business, giving you the same benefits large companies enjoy at a fraction of their costs.
  • Push Digits team delivers a wide range of local tax consultancy services.
  • Audit and assurance services.
  • New company creation.
  • Feasibility studies for new businesses, mergers, and acquisitions, business valuations for sales or purchases, and financial projections for future growth.

The Benefits

  • Push Digit’s large professional team gives you access to a vast range of expertise and disciplines, always cheaper than using a local company.
  • We can handle all your accounting and bookkeeping services in one place.
  • You will receive regular & applicable reporting. You will always know what is happening in your business. No more lost weekends at work catching up.
  • Push Digits operates 24/7/365, delivering the answers you need, fast. We handle everything an employed in-house accountant does, including payroll, data recording, data reports, and the essential preparation required for tax submissions or end-of-year reports.

Bookkeeping Features

  • Processing transactions.
  • Postings to the general ledger.
  • Reconciling Bank statements.
  • Reporting by cost center.
  • Production of monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balances, and General Ledgers.

Management Accounting

Accurate, timely management accounts are critical to making informed business decisions. They assist with efficient cash flow management, help identify trends in your business, all of which will help to move your company forward.

Management Reporting Pack Features

  • Balance sheet and income statement (with notes).
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Details on administration, management, and other costs.
  • Debtors/Creditors analysis.
  • Inventory analysis.

Audit Preparations

Preparing for a year-end audit can be a time-consuming job. Push Digits will handle:

  • The preparation of year-end statutory financial statements for audit.
  • Lead schedules of Balance sheet accounts in preparation for audit.
  • Liaising with your auditors to ensure the seamless completion of audit.

Accounting Supervision

We secure all your financial practices by overseeing your accounts department, including monitoring & approving account processing, recording, reporting, and month-end closing.

Main Features:

  • We review and organize your accounting and administrative procedures.
  • Meet financial accounting criteria by preparing yearly budget data, controlling expenditures, uncovering variances, and delivering remedial actions.
  • Monitoring cash-flow by overseeing bank accounts and cash requirements investing surplus funds.
  • Verifying cheques and electronic transfers.
  • Complete all related tasks as required.

Internal Auditing Services

This service will improve a company’s procedures and add value as a result. It’s a wide-ranging, methodical approach that produces working proposals and increases a company’s value.

Push Digit’s specialists are focused on delivering insights and a synopsis of your whole business, to enable you to meet the future head-on with confidence.

Push Digits will always strive to be a tactical business advisor by concentrating on continuous business development and supporting you in achieving your business goals.

Key Features:

  • Financial audit and accounting.
  • Internal financial controls.
  • Operational audit.
  • Risk management.

The Takeaway

Outsourced professional accounting services aren’t scary; with Push Digit’s team on board, you will find the whole thing straightforward, quick, efficient, and cost-effective. You will save substantial amounts of cash.

With Push Digit’s team supporting you, it will ensure your business is leading, not just following. You are better prepared for the future, which can only be a positive thing.

Call Push Digits today. We’ll show you why outsourced accounting and specifically virtual accounting is The Best Way.