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Audits are Priceless

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” – Warren Buffett

The Benefits

The value of a company audit lies in the knowledge, intelligence, and data it delivers. It forms the foundations of all future planning and development for the company and empowers sound, evidence-based decision making.

An audit plays a vital role in potentially bettering the performance of any company. Auditors support businesses by highlighting concerns and make the management team aware of future threats as well as any existing restrictions on the operation. An audit also highlights any flawed procedures or systems checks, providing an opportunity to review and improve them.

Why Push Digits?

Push Digits are motivated by numbers and financial data. As a business owner, for your company to be successful, the more detailed and accurate financial information you can obtain, the better. Your decision-making will be easier and more accurate, in turn, raising your confidence.

Information is a vital product for your business, and the more accurate the data you can get hold of, the better your decision making will be. Data provides clarity and a strong basis for moving forward with confidence.

Why Perform a Self-Audit?

Apart from the importance of the data, you may have to undertake an audit for particular reasons. For example, for:

  • Statutory obligations.
  • Compliance for particular reasons.
  • Assessment of your current position and to manage risk.
  • To demonstrate Financial Model compliance.
  • To establish competency for public sector contracts.
  • To certify trustworthiness for managing Trust Funds.

You may also decide to undertake an audit of a business you are looking to buy as part of due diligence. Business purchases and mergers are potentially very risky unless you have accurate data available. The veracity of their financial records is vital because they may have things to hide. An independent audit will give you the truth and means your final decision will be made based on accurate, independently verified information.

Neutrality Guaranteed

Push Digits works within the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which means the data gathered will be satisfactory for any chartered accountant in the world. It eliminates confusion and ensures the information is accurate and reliable.

Push Digit’s international reputation for integrity and honesty are highly valued. It means the reports we deliver to you will have guaranteed approval by your business partners, no matter where in the world they are.

Outsourcing Saves Money

Today, businesses seldom set up their accounting sections. Accountancy is very complex today, making virtual accountancy services the best option. It saves a considerable amount of money and offers all businesses the availability of a large, skilled team behind them. They can tackle anything when they know their accountancy requirements are being taken care of 24/7/365.

All the overheads consumed by an in-house department that isn’t working 24/7/365 doesn’t make sense. You can have all the benefits of a top professional international accountancy team working for you while you are asleep, at a cost which will save you cash.

Push Digit’s Great Team

Push Digits has a team of more than 50 experienced, professional, qualified accountants ready and available to you – anytime 24/7/365. Communicating with your dedicated virtual personal business accountant is easier than looking for an answer to a question in your own office. Send an e-mail, and within minutes, Push Digits will set up a videoconference with you at your desk. Video conferencing is face-to-face, and you can share your screen to discuss a document, so you are always on the same page. It’s a significant benefit we offer our clients to ensure working with Push Digits is easy.


Push Digits will handle all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs. We understand that trusting all of your financial procedures to one organization requires confidence, which is what we strive to deliver to every client every day.

Because Push Digits is fully acquainted with your company, auditing will be faster and more cost-effective. It also makes it simpler for your team to provide the correct data for a confident audit. The easier the information gathering is, the lower the cost will be.

Audits Prove Your Proficiency

If you decide to bid for a government contract, they need to know you are financially sound. They need to see what money is coming in and what you owe to ensure you’re not overstretched and at any risk of failure. Most importantly, they want to see if your equity is stable, rising, or decreasing, which could show poor financial management?

Governments are responsible for taxpayers’ money, and they won’t work with any company which has any possibility of failure. An independent and decisive audit by Push Digits is the key to being on the list of possible candidates. Demonstrating you have an audit available, even if it’s not required, exhibits confidence and will place you ahead of the competition.

The Takeaway

With over two decades of accounting experience, Plus Digits delivers savings of over 80% against regular accounting costs. Push Digits will respond to your query within 30 minutes, 24/7/365, which is perfect if your business is international. No matter where you are, it’s comforting to know Push Digits is always ready whenever you need us.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality for your business. We give you direct access to our Senior Partners, who are also available to present financial results to your stakeholders by video if required, which always ensures presentations run to time.

We have more than 3,500 delighted clients, and you can browse their testimonials on our website. We employ more than fifty full-time accountants and auditors, who are all skilled, experienced, experts who have worked internationally. They can provide you with answers to any questions about the rules, regulations, and laws globally.

We understand all business niches, and we deliver first-class coaching to your staff, so they become confident in handling your accounting software. We will deliver your audit on-time every time.

Your first choice must be Push Digits — your accounting team is always working behind you and delivering a massive advantage over your competition.

Call us and let us demonstrate what Push Digits can do for your business!